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Online Fluid Contamination Monitoring System PDS.TM

Online Fluid Contamination Monitoring SystemPDS.TM

100% inspection on production line
in 5 seconds

  • ISO4406

Automatically inspects and displays
particle sizes and numbers in 5 seconds


All mechanical products that use oil or fuel, including automobiles, aircrafts, and construction machinery must have appropriate evaluation and flushing at the manufacturing stage. Although manual analysis and gravimetric analysis have been practiced for inspections, with the rise of quality demands in the market, the method has shifted to particle counting methods, inspecting from particle sizes and numbers. Along with the method of analysis, inspection has increased its frequency from a batch inspection and regular laboratory analysis to monitoring within the system.


PDS.TM is an online measuring system that can monitor contamination on production lines and centralized refueling machines. By installing it in the system, fuel monitoring is possible at any time. It is a powerful tool for preventive maintenance that enables real-time inspection of machines and equipment.

Technical Characteristics

Measuring technique/standard
Monitoring Principle

As the laser beam projects a moving column of oil, particles are measured by a photo diode that converts light intensity to a voltage output and records against time. The amount of light lost when the particle moves across the window is proportional to the size of the particle and this reduction in voltage is measured and recorded.

Automatic, continuous inspection on production lines
  • Cleanliness management of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and fuel
  • Continuous hydraulic oil contamination monitoring in equipment
  • Contaminants inspection on the production line
  • Cleanliness traceability of manufactured products
  • Centralized refueling system tank cleanliness management
  • Shipment test of automobile parts (torque converter / transmission shipping inspection, fuel injection device, etc.)
  • Trend monitoring of durability testers such as shakers
  • Contamintaion management of cleaning (hydrocarbon) equipment
  • Degree of contamination of flame-retardant oil
  • Measurement of contamination of high-viscosity oil such as gear oil
Production Line Production Line Equipment machinery Equipment machinery
Monitoring result
Displays particles in amount of 100 ml. Numbers of particles are divided into 3 particle diameters, ≧4, ≧6, ≧14µm. The scale number (1 to 24) is divided by diagonal lines from the number of particles within 1 mL, displaying in 3 digits.
(According to ISO4406)
  • Power cord
  • RS232 connector / straight cable
  • Analog output socket
  • Remote socket
  • Sensor setup Application
  • Rear mounting plate (with 4 screws)


Function Internal automatic flushing / defoaming function
Measurement principle Light-shielding automatic particle counting method (laser diode)
Applicable oil type Mineral oil, synthetic oil, light oil, kerosene
Applicable standards ISO4406 grade 7-22 grade
Particle size 4 channels (> 4,> 6,> 14,> 21µm (c)
Result display LCD display
Unit flow rate 60 mL / min (during flushing: 120 mL / min)
Working pressure 0.5Mpa or less. Free when output is open to the atmosphere
Viscosity used Dynamic viscosity 150cSt * 1
Oil temperature rang Oil temperature range + 5 to + 70℃ (depending on the above viscosity range)
Power supply 100-120V (240V is an option) Power consumption: 65W
Calibration standard ISO 11943 (using ISO 11171 standard)
External communication RS232C
External output Analog output 4-20mA (> 4 (A),> 6 (B),> 14 (C)µm (C) pollution grade only)
External start Start by connecting contact 1-2 pin
External dimensions 410x165x360 (mm) Including flange
Weight Approximately 13 kg

* 1: Liquids with kinematic viscosity exceeding 150 cSt are supported by the high viscosity "PDS.V4" lineup.


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