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Human Health Solutions

Ethics of Environmental Health and Wellness

The business unit “HHS” - Research on the cleanliness issues of environment and health

Human Health Solutions offers innovative technologies and products while bringing issues and explores solutions on social themes such as carbon neutrality, climate change, health management, and well-being of workers.

Intechno’s Environment & Health Solutions

Expectations on us as a specialized company

We believe the expectations from the market is our proactive activity to talk to the younger generation about the new significance and concepts of cleanliness, and lead them to protect their future on their own from the various cleanliness issues that the society faces.

Why HHS was founded

In the past, we proposed volunteer activities to a client that had been hit by a natural disaster. At the time, along with words of gratitude, we received a message that we should expand and contribute to the society of our highly specialized technology and the concept of cleanliness management. This is why we lauched HHS unit.

Overturn the usual

In many cases, achieving the expected cleanliness level may seem difficult because of social bias and a default mindsets. We break these social standard mindsets and customs and contribute to the future in an increasingly diverse society.

A passion for cleanliness management

HHS highly connects Intechno's innovative technologies that we gained through our business activities with the solution to social issues of cleanliness. HHS is also the process of the SDGs activities that we have declared internally and externally.

Specific theme of the activities

In our involvement with many manufacturing companies in Japan and Asia, we have witnessed the health risks of contamination of various working environments. With the desire to create a future in which everyone can play an active role in reassurance and health, we are researching clean technology to combat contamination that threatens human health.

Cleanliness improvement on environmental and health issues:

Health management - Better working environment
Natural resources - What defines clean water
Clean manufacturing - Energy conservation/CO2 reduction
Microbial risks - Developing controlling technology
Manufacturing industry - Waste, exhaust, and drainage reduction
Renewable energy - Operational optimization
Depleted resources - Lean management without a waste

Removal test of airborne particles, ultrafine particles and volatile organic compounds in an indoor working environment

Inspiring technology solutions