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Discover the easy and successful steps to market
entry in Japan and Asia.

While Japan and other parts of Asia’s growth rate in industries such as electronics, automobile, pharmaceutical, fluid and oil, and industrial plants continue to grow at such high levels, contamination control to prevent product damages is yet an uncommon practice compared to the same industries in Europe.

What We Do

Japan is considered one of the most difficult markets to enter for its complex and unique customs. It also expects high quality product standards and high quality service demands. Intechno fill the cultural gap that often occurs when entering the Asian market, and continue to improve services by providing feedbacks to manufacturers. Our goal is to expand ideas and products that deserve a world class attention. For this reason, as a distributor, we have sold more products than any other parts of the world. We continue to prove we are the most successful distributor for our partners that strive in a global market.

  • Our Business Fields
  • Electronics
  • Automobile
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Fluid & Oil
  • Industrial Plants
    & Machinery

Our Strengths

  • Experience

    For more than 30 years, we are the leading company in contamination control industry in Asia.

  • Strong Industry Network

    We have more than 2000 clients in Asia, many of them rank among the 500 largest corporations in Japan.

  • Tailored Solutions for
    your Business

    No single business is alike. We stay close to our partners through each step, from strategy, marketing, sales channels, technology, maintenance services including calibrations.

Marketing Strategies

We pride in our well organized, strong marketing strategies. From creating catalogs, training programs, sales marketing, to maintenance services, we create original materials and strategies for each product specialized for the Japanese/Asian market.

  • 8Trade Shows


    • Create promotional materials suitable for the market
    • Optimize website to raise pageviews
    • Advertise in industry magazines
    • Exhibit at trade shows
    • Educate contamination control technologies through seminars and advisory services
  • 20Sales


    • Distribution network of more than 20 trading firms and agents covering various industries in Japan and in Asia.
    • 20 annual sales trainings for each segment
    • Industrial Cleanrooms (semiconductor, micro-electric, optics)
    • Biological Cleanrooms (medical, pharmaceutical, food)
    • Other Industries (automotive, power generator, shipbuilding)
    • Public Facilities (schools, hospitals, hotels)
    • Demonstration services
    • Contamination evaluation program and contamination control seminars
  • 1000Customer

    Maintenance Service

    • Follow up visits after sales to ensure customer satisfaction
    • Calibration and repair services

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