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ISO 9001 / Quality Policy

Intechno Japan operates under our Quality Management System certified by ISO 9001 standard. We are committed to provide the best quality and services for a supreme customer experiences.

Our cleanliness consultation is
ISO 9001 accredited.
Intechno has built a quality management system and obtained ISO 9001 certification in order to continuously provide products of excellent quality.

Intechno Japan Quality Standards

Business Philosophy
The mission of Intechno is to see the better future of people and the earth, and continue to challenge the world to provide unique and outstanding technologies and the best services.
Quality Policy
"World Level Technology, Japanese Quality"
We aim to increase the value of our social existence and contribute to the international community by providing our customers high-quality products, technologies and services.
  1. We value communication with our customers and deliver reliable products, technologies and services.
  2. We strive to discover potential needs and develop products, technologies, and services to provide value that exceeds expectations.
  3. We value the voice of our customers and continue to improve our products, technologies and services from the customer's perspectives.
  4. We are committed to improve our management system, to improve quality and strengthen organizational management.
  5. Each of our members acts responsibly, demonstrates high awareness as well as creativity, and shares and solves process issues with all stakeholders.
  6. We will improve our ability by deepening communication within employees and actively promote human resource development and self-development.
  7. We will actively support motivated employees who can achieve self-realization and self-growth through their work.
  8. We provide products, technologies, and services that contribute to environmental protection and energy conservation.
  9. We contribute to building a vibrant and prosperous industry by pursuing a high degree of specialization and proposing a new era.
Acquisition of
ISO 9001
Registration range:
  1. Sales of air particle counters, oil and fuel particle counters, inclinometers and accelerometers.
  2. Maintenance and calibration of particle counters.
  3. Design, development and product management of outsourcing manufacture of particle counters, equipment and related accessories.
  4. Analysing fine particles
  5. Consultancy service for improving cleanliness in relation to particles.
Registration number : C2023-02288
Date of issue : May. 2, 2023
ISO Certificate

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