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Sustainable "cleanliness" technology

Intechno contributes to the society through our business activities based on our management philosophy.
With our contamination control technology, we provide innovative solutions that will enrich people's lives, society,
and keep the environment sustainable.

Sustainable Environment

The right amount of cleaning
brightens the future
Intechno specializes in contamination management technology that "cleans the only necessary".
We contribute to reducing CO2 and improving resource utilization efficiency with this technology.
We pledge to always challenge as innovators for better environment.
  • Promote to review excessive capital investment that often happens in cleanrooms. By providing the essential technology from the viewpoint of contamination control, together with the clients, we improve production efficiency and reduce defected products. We believe that the long lasting, high quality products are the answer to achieve cleaner environment.
  • Contribute to improve the maintenance technology for renewable energy.
  • Educate contamination control technology and strategies for a long-term use of machinery and cleaner oil to improve mineral resource utilization efficiency and reduce industrial waste.
  • Optimize cleaning process for mechanical component to reduce industrial water.
  • Offer trade-in services and leasing program using used particle counters and other equipment to reduce unwanted waste. We also train our mechanic to run domestic maintenance services to prevent producing waste when exporting/importing products.

Intechno and Environment

Cleanroom Manufacturing
Optimize the operation of excessive airflow control/air conditioning equipment and fan filter units in cleanrooms to reduce power consumption and resource utilization for power generation, and CO2 emissions.
Clean Energy
Power Generation
Provide preventive maintenance technology to hydraulic power plants and wind turbines that enables constant condition monitoring remotely. We make clean energy even more efficient.
Clean Energy Automobile
Consult on contamination control for development and manufacture of EVs and FCVs that require a high degree of precision to support the carbon-free society.
Cleaning Oil and Fuel
Control oil deterioration and prevent mechanical failures for oil used in hydraulic/lubrication systems and engine/turbine drives that cause resource consumption and waste.
Within the Office
Save resources by using electronic media, saving electricity and water, and using reusable packaging materials.

Social Responsibility

Commitment to advance diversity,
equity, and inclusion
Intechno values diversity.
We empower people to use their unique experiences and backgrounds to take an active role in contributing to the society.
We are committed to support making a difference in the society for the better.
  • Equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the bases of race, religion, color , national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. We support diverse work styles that suit individuals and the times.
  • Demonstrate leadership and promote decent work through strong collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Take our deep understanding of contamination control to the next level to work on a technical approach to health risk factors.
  • Support contamination control management in the medical industry for healthier lives of people.
  • Provide opportunities for technical education programs from an international point of view and foster workers to accept diverse values from a global perspective.

Intechno and Society

Equal rights
The ratio of male and female of executives at Intechno is 5 : 5.
Creating a society where human rights are respected
We take great importance in diversity, support the improvement of vocational ability according to individuals, improve the working environment, and support diverse work styles.
Human Resource
ISO 9001 certification accredited. We respect all stakeholders, continue to improve our abilities while being flexible and adapting at all times, and develop human resources who can contribute to society with high aspirations and leadership.
Always seek to contribute to society by utilizing the know-how of contamination control management. We are planning new businesses not only for machinery/oil and cleanrooms, but also for people's well-being in a working environment.
We provide educational opportunities to support the development of vocational ability and human resource development in contamination control management.


Turning something minimum to maximum
We are a specialist yet generalist when it comes to contamination control. Our technology contributes to product efficiency and quality, long lasting, reliable equipment and machines, people's health, and corporate value enhancement that comes from delivering trusting products. We will maximize economic effects by spreading innovative technologies to the Japanese/Asian market.
  • Provide technology for drastic cleanliness improvement in the manufacturing process, drive advanced productivity and quality improvement through cleanliness innovation, and contribute to the improvement of corporate economic value as well as creating employment opportunities.
  • Support technological innovation of electronics, automobile, and other technological industries.
  • Collaborate with members of the International Standards Committee and European companies specializing in contamination control to expand the most advanced technology.
  • Promote the latest concepts and technologies for contamination control throughout Asia, contributing to industrial innovation and economy in Asia.
  • Help produce products with innovative technologies and with high quality services for sustainable economic development.

Intechno and Economy

Automobile Industry
From the development of advanced drive systems such as CDVs, EVs, and FCVs to mass production test benches for transmissions and in-vehicle devices, we support quantitative risk assessment and improvement of contamination control in all manufacturing stages and components for higher quality and productivity.
Electronics Industry
By providing contamination control management technology, we improve yield and production efficiency which leads to the economic value for semiconductors, electronic devices, and their manufacturing equipment, where the cleanliness of the manufacturing environment greatly affects the quality of products.
Production equipment and plant maintenance
We support the proactive maintenance system by monitoring and improving the oil cleanliness in hydraulic and lubrication system, avoiding the cost and productivity loss caused by shutdown of production lines and plants due to frequent maintenance work.
With an eye for international technologies, we discover potential value from strong ties with the market and create new value by developing new services, technologies, and products.
Global Partnership
In collaboration with members of the ISO Committee, VDA Committee and overseas leading companies and agencies, we introduce innovative technologies to the Japanese and Asian markets.

Inspiring technology solutions